Welcome – Gilakas’la

So where is Alert Bay anyway?

We are on a small island called Cormorant Island. It is approximately 5km long and 2km wide. It is shaped somewhat like a kidney bean.

From Campbell River you drive about 2 hours north along Highway 19 until you reach Port McNeill. Follow the signs to the BC Ferries terminal and tell the ticket agent you are going to Alert Bay. Otherwise you may end up in Sointula, on Malcolm Island which is the neighboring island. It's about a 40- minute picturesque ferry ride.

Get fares and sailing times from BC Ferries or our local ferry web page. You can go to BC Ferries for current fares and sailing times. Remember, you only pay once - your fare includes your return trip. It’s a good idea to arrive a day or two early to avoid overloaded ferries during the weekend. This would be a great time to do a trial paddle around the island if you feel the urge!

B.C. Ferries will allow paddlers to walk on with their kayaks for this event. Its always a good idea to show up early to ensure a spot on the ferry.

Please Note: due to the event being on the long weekend, please ensure you make early reservations on the ferry from Vancouver!

Going Home…

Plan your departure from Cormorant Island accordingly. Make yourself familiar with the local BC Ferries schedule and ask about heavy traffic overloads. If you stay an extra day or two, no problem, but if you must go on Sunday, plan to be in the line up early.

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Alert Bay 360 Race