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The Alert Bay 360 is held on BC Day Long Weekend every year

Saturday afternoon, the “Paddler’s Barbecue” starts at 2pm and goes until 4pm. It is sponsored by Shop-Rite/Rona, and is held at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 198, which is just up the hill from the Government Dock (site of final registration and start of race).

On Sunday from 8:00 to 10:30 a.m., you must show up at the final registration table to receive your official number.Please attach this number on the back of your PFD so it can be easily seen by our time keepers.Again, this number needs to be worn for vessel identification and safety purposes.

Once you have registered, be sure to check out the buffet breakfast across the street at the Pass’N’Thyme Restaurant. It’s a hearty feed which will be sure to give you the needed energy for the day!

The Alert Bay 360 event starts exactly at 11:00 a.m. You will notice the orange balloons in the water, indicating the starting line. We encourage those who are “in it to win it” to get to the front of the pack. Returning paddlers know the routine, but just ask anyone involved in the event for instructions if you’re unsure of the routine.

The Awards Ceremony and Random Prize Draws start at 3:00 pm. on the Government Dock (final registration desk area). We acknowledge our sponsors, thank our volunteers, and an official welcome song is performed by Chief Bill Cranmer . As well, local artists are encouraged to sing a song and show their art work. Event participants who would like to say something can take the mic before the start of the awards ceremony.

After the awards ceremony, get ready for a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the 'Namgis Big House. Local seafood buffet dinner prepared by First Nation chefs, and the T'sasala Cultural Group dance and song performance. Big House Celebration tickets are $35 and can be purchased from the Chili Stand on the government dock or at Culture Shock.Doors open at 5pm.

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Alert Bay 360 Race