Welcome – Gilakas’la

The Alert Bay 360 is an eco-tourism based event which encourages a healthy lifestyle, and helps our local businesses. This is an event which showcases not only Cormorant Island and those who live here, but also the culture and the many wonders found on Northern Vancouver Island, including the Broughton Archipelago. Please check out this you tube video by one of our locals Ryan Slater.

The ‘Namgis First Nation have been in this area for thousands of years. There is a warm welcome from the ‘Namgis First Nation when they sing the “welcome song” during the awards ceremony.

"We Come in Peace"

You will probably notice the friendliness of our community, which is evident as soon as you arrive. We, the locals, acknowledge each other with a wave, a head nod, or a smile every time we cross paths.

Don’t be alarmed……… It’s what we do!

Some words you may hear and their basic translation.

Yo – Hello
Wiksas (weeksas) – How are you
Ikman (eekman) – Good.
Gilakas’la – Welcome/thank you.


“How did the Alert Bay 360 become a paddling event with the most prizes in the world?

It’s because we are a community full of giving. Some of the world’s best local carvers donate their work. Businesses give generously. Be sure to take note of logos and links on this website. It indicates a business or group that supports the mission and vision of the Alert Bay 360. Individuals give from their hearts as well.

The Alert Bay 360 committee starts collecting donations in February, so by event day we have tons of prizes and donations..

"Is the Alert Bay 360 a safe event?"

The local RCMP, Canadian Coast Guard, Auxiliary Coast Guard, and many other safety vessels are with you all the way. Any problems or issues that may arise are taken care of quickly. Each safety vessel and event volunteer has a hand held radio to quickly relay any issues or concerns.

"When is the next event?"

The Alert Bay 360 event takes place every B.C. Day long weekend. Same format, different prizes and adventures.

Please use the facebook link on our website to share your experience and encourage others to come and participate. Post your favorite pictures, too. If you have a really great shot, let us know, as we would love to have it on the website.